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Educational WordPress Design & DevelopmentWordPress isn’t just for bloggers. Today, WordPress powers nearly 38 percent of all websites on the internet. This includes public school district websites, and sites for some of the largest and most respected universities.

More and more schools are running their entire website on WordPress, and it definitely happens for a reason. WordPress is open source, easy to work with, scalable, customizable and frequently updated.

Even way back in 2014, many schools used old, outdated systems that ran their websites. Because of the possible malfunctioning of these old-fashioned systems, schools usually pay a serious amount of money annually to have it fixed or upgraded. WordPress (being open source) is free and smaller sites can be migrated to WordPress easily and relatively quickly.

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It’s no surprise then that higher education is utilizing the power of WordPress for university websites. School and university sites are used frequently by students, parents, and educators.

Therefore, it’s tremendously important that these sites are reliable and sturdy in times of high traffic, work flawlessly to create a great multisite environment, are scalable for institutions looking to grow and become more accessible, and can adapt to the various needs of different institutions. For universities, WordPress can be an invaluable resource.


When it comes to large, high-traffic institutions and companies, there are certain expectations and necessities for a website. Enterprise-level sites can’t take risks, so when it comes to a platform, reliability is a must. WordPress is built to be future-proof. It does this through continuous upgrades, an emphasis on JavaScript, and modern technology like the REST API.

Enterprise-level websites, like a university site, often have to accommodate localization, multilingual content, and connected micro sites. These are all things WordPress handles seamlessly. Higher education enterprise solutions often require complex access requirements and permissions; WordPress’ defined user roles easily solve this problem. For students, WordPress is made simple due to the customizability of user roles.

Finally, perhaps most importantly for higher education institutions, WordPress is equipped with multisite functionality. This is an essential function for institutions with multiple departments and organizations.

Schools like the University of Texas have WordPress multisite enabled for their students and faculty.

WordPress Multisite allows you to build a network of websites from just one WordPress installation. Schools and universities can create different subdomains, subdirectories, and standalone sites for different campuses and organizations, while still maintaining a common theme and managing them all from one dashboard.

Multisite allows for a specific user role, entitled ‘super admin’, that can install plugins, manage themes, and add new sites. You can run multiple sites using the same login credentials, and save space by not having to install themes and plugins multiple times. Multisite is the perfect combination of independence and cohesion that schools and universities need.

To learn more about brands using WordPress multisite, see these five examples of brands using multisite in the wild.


Out of the box, WordPress is a high-performance platform with powerful media management, tremendous customizability, and high-level security. WordPress can be scaled to deliver a sophisticated design with complex architecture for use by a global brand, school, or university.

However, scaling a university website can be complicated. Properly scaling a site requires preparing for traffic growth and adding infrastructure to help alleviate or remove the damage that traffic spikes have on your site’s reliability. A dedicated digital experience platform, such as that offered by Cogknockers, can help your university site do both of these things.

University and school sites are unpredictable when it comes to traffic. You need to be prepared for everything. Cogknockers has helped hundreds of thousands of websites scale overnight from 10 hits per minute to a million hits per minute. This is because our platform is built to scale, thanks to its top-notch security, scalable architecture, and site speed reliability.

Ease of Use

A major benefit of using WordPress for schools and universities is how easy the platform is to learn. You can use WordPress for education sites without any programming or web design experience. The Content Management System (CMS) boasts an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is simple to navigate, even for beginners. The dashboard panel is clean and organized in a way that makes everything straightforward and easy to find.

Additionally, there are a wide variety of resources available to help you get familiar with WordPress. For example, you can access support documentation and guides directly from the WordPress dashboard. There is also a helpful Welcome Guide that provides a tutorial on how to use the WordPress editor.

Plus, thanks to how large the WordPress community is, there are a plethora of technical guides, tutorials, and articles online. These resources can walk you through virtually any issue or question you have about using WordPress for universities.

Adaptability & Flexibility

Another benefit of WordPress is its flexibility and adaptability, helping it meet just about anyone’s needs. With thousands of themes and plugins to choose from, it’s easy to tailor your site to your needs without even touching the core code. Many of these plugins were created for and by higher education institutions.

Schools and universities can use plugins to create a campus map, student directory, and more. Additionally, the back end of WordPress features over 70 languages, which a university or school can use to make its site more accessible.

It’s inevitable that users of a university or school website are going to want mobile capabilities as well. The WordPress backend will adjust to any screen size, so mobile friendliness is not an issue. Virtually all themes offered are mobile friendly, so customization and aesthetic appearance aren’t inhibited.

With the great variety of schools and educational programs, there’s a need for total customizability. Custom themes make WordPress one of the best CMS options for universities, allowing schools to take full control of their sites’ designs. What’s more, branding consistency is made easy with the use of WordPress multisite.

Finally, as we mentioned, WordPress is easy to use for just about everyone. The user dashboard is adaptable and friendly, even for the most inexperienced CMS users. This is especially important for higher education sites and microsites that will have various users and contributors.

WordPress for Departments and Colleges (Multisites)

Schools and universities often do not have single-purpose sites. They may have different websites for various departments, colleges, and so on. In fact, university sites can involve a very complicated architecture.

You’ll likely need numerous sites tailored to different types of users: students (prospective and current), professors, administration, alumni, faculty, and staff. All those different sites and branches can cause some serious confusion. However, WordPress makes managing them all easy.

You can install plugins and apply them to all websites, or choose which sites will have what plugins enabled. Similarly, you can automatically apply themes to all of the sites by ‘network enabling’ them, or create a unique look for each site.

A number of advanced settings and configurations allow you to make other quick changes to all of your sites at once, using an interface that allows you to edit multiple sites simultaneously. Finally, you’ll only need to upgrade WordPress once; there’s no need to spend time upgrading each individual site.

Content Governance & User Permissions

Multisite eliminates the issue of duplicating users across sites, by allowing you to manage a centralized set of users with permission to each site that they need access to. A super admin has access to all site network administration features.

In contrast, an administrator has access to administration features for a single site. An editor is someone who can publish and manage posts, including the posts of other users. An author can publish and manage their own posts, while a contributor can write and manage posts but not publish them. Finally, a subscriber can only manage their profile.

If you want to go beyond the six user role options included upon installation of WordPress multisite, there are a number of plugins to help customize them.

News & Social Media

Many universities rely heavily on social media for a variety of purposes. This includes sharing news and updates, connecting and communicating with students, and using social platforms for marketing, promotion, and recruitment initiatives. It can also be a useful classroom learning tool that incorporates and encourages student participation.

With so many use cases, it’s important for schools to use a platform that is easy to integrate with social media. This is another reason why using WordPress for school websites is so prevalent.

WordPress’ capabilities for incorporating social media can help you create a more seamless experience. There are a wide variety of plugins available that you can use for connecting your site to social media networks.

This includes sharing news and blogs on your site through RSS feeds, adding social media icons to each site, and including social share buttons to help increase engagement. Plus, if you’re using WordPress multisite, you won’t have to install these social media plugins on each individual site. You can download them once to use across your entire network.

Make the Best Version of Your Site with Cogknockers

Here at Cogknockers, our mission is to provide top-notch digital experiences for all our customers — including schools and universities. With 24/7 customer support and the latest in technology, our resources and solutions can help you take your site to the next level.

To discover how we can help you run and manage a quality WordPress education site, check out our managed hosting plans to find the perfect option for your needs!

What's Included in Our Packages

Custom Design

All our websites are expertly designed by our inhouse team of healthcare website designers. Our collaborative design process considers our clients feedback at every stage to ensure complete satisfaction.

Optimized for Mobile

We strive to create an intuitive user experience across all device types. We undertake a mobile-first approach to the design of websites to ensure every medical website we develop works seamlessly on mobile and tablets.

SEO Optimized

Healthcare SEO best practices to ensure you get a headstart in the search engine rankings. We advise on valuable keywords for your business to place you in the best position to attract enquiries.

WordPress CMS

To provide a user-friendly platform for you to manage your website content. Our team of website developers will develop this popular CMS framework for your medical practice and teach your staff how to use it.

GDPR Compliant

Ensuring your website adheres to GDPR guidelines can seem daunting, but don’t worry we’ve got your back. All our medical websites meet GDPR web design standards and ensure your data is kept secure.


We help to make sure your website is inclusive to all types of users by ensuring adherence to the highest standards of website accessibility, catering to various disabilities and limitations.

Extended Services

  • Hosting Plans
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Virtual Webmaster Plans

Our WordPress Hosting Platform

Speed, Reliability, and Secure WordPress Hosting Environment.
We're an active part of the WordPress community, so you can be sure that we're well versed in everything WordPress.

Our platform is continuously optimized to ensure 99.9% uptime. We make sure that everything from our servers, features and tools to our expert WordPress support team is best aligned to ensure of the best WordPress hosting experience.

Website Maintenance Services

Are you looking for website maintenance services that will help you keep your website up to date? We offer professional and affordable website maintenance services to both new and current customers. Our monthly web maintenance plans offer extremely competitive prices for keeping your website running smoothly. To ensure that we are able to provide quality website maintenance services, we will need to review your website. The website review process will take approximately 24 to 48 U.S. Business Hours. Contact us today for a website review.

We have website maintenance services that are suitable for almost every website out there. However, should you feel that your website does not fall within the range of our website maintenance services. Please Contact Us and we will do our best to put together a website maintenance plan specifically designed for your website.

Virtual Webmaster

We go beyond web maintenance & manage your site for you.

Complete Website Management – It is like having an in-house team of designers & developers but at a fraction of the cost. You simply send a maintenance request with the changes required and we do the necessary alterations to the site for you. We take care of content updates, aesthetic changes, hosting related issues, DNS management, and everything that is related to your site. We take care of the maintenance part to free you up, so you can concentrate more on your business.

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