WooCommerce Blocks 5.1.0 Launch Notes

There’s a brand-new variation of WooCommerce Blocks offered! Variation 5.1.0 is currently offered on WordPress.org and also GitHub

This launch consists of much better mistake reporting for inaccurately signed up settlement approaches and also some renovations to the emitEventWithAbort occasion emitter. There is likewise an insect repair pertaining to e-mail and also phone area worths being removed all of a sudden with particular customer practices. Keep reading for even more information!

Much better mistake coverage for inaccurately signed up settlement approaches.

When a settlement technique signs up utilizing the settlement approaches extensibility user interface, the function plugin has some mistake inspecting to make certain that the dependences the plugin listings for its manuscript are really offered throughout the enrollment. Without this mistake check, it’s feasible for inaccurately signed up settlement approaches to stop the loading of any kind of check out manuscripts because of the system utilized inside for handling the packing order of numerous check out manuscripts.

With this launch, there are some renovations to the mistake message logged (PHP mistake logs and also console log) when a settlement technique does not have all its dependences signed up consisting of:

  • Clarifying this specifies to Cart and also Check out obstructs packing procedure.
  • Just packing the settlement approaches API user interface when Cart and also Check out obstructs function gets on (using the function plugin).

Improvements to emitEventWithAbort

This is even more of a internals upgrade that influences numerous occasion emitters utilizing this feature ( onPaymentProcessing, onCheckoutAfterProcessingWithSuccess, onCheckoutAfterProcessingWithError). If you are a programmer authoring a settlement technique that makes use of any one of these occasions, your application ought to be untouched by these adjustments It’s primarily to stop possible pests where there are several settlement approaches in operation by a shop (that all execute onlookers for these occasions). You can find out more concerning the modification in this pr.

Take care of for unforeseen e-mail and also phone area worth loss.

There was an insect that appeared when customers filled in the e-mail and also phone area and afterwards unattended the “Usage very same address for invoicing” choice. The e-mail and also phone worths would certainly be removed.

This is dealt with in this launch to ensure that any kind of formerly gone into worths are protected when toggling this checkbox.



  • Enhance mistake message presented when a settlement technique really did not have all its dependences signed up. (4176)
  • Improvements to emitEventWithAbort (4158)

Pest Takes Care Of

  • Take care of concern in which e-mail and also phone areas are removed when utilizing a different invoicing address. (4162)

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