Point 72 Beta 2 Available

  • Well done Matt and the WP team! Just upgraded from 0.71 directly to this beta. Smooth smooth smooth upgrade process and everything seems to be working nicely thus far. Nice default style too, though I must admit I’m not exactly taken with the khaki-ish greens…

    Comment from BC on September 2, 2003

  • Great upgrade, excellent work, love the new default layout! I can just tweak the colors and I’m all set!

    Comment from Southern Gal on September 2, 2003

  • Thank Dave Shea for the new default layout, and there’s more on the way.

    Comment from Matt on September 3, 2003

  • Far better from before… great work ^_^

    Comment from Paluei on September 6, 2003

  • Can we expect the fully “approved” release soon? I’m waiting to update several blogs for myself, friends and customers. Really excited and ready!

    Comment from Justin on September 24, 2003

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