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Creating Solutions That Deliver The Best Patient Experiences Online

Medical Web DesignThe advent of internet technology has changed the face of the healthcare industry. The industry is witnessing a rapid online transition, with most of the service providers aspiring for a digital transformation. For a healthcare solution to be a success, it needs to deliver a seamless and reliable user experience. This is possible only if it is built on the right technology platform. WordPress, with its amazing features and functionalities, serves as an ideal platform to create reliable and unmatched healthcare solutions.

We, at Cogknockers, are a trusted technology partner to help you avail the best this platform has to offer. We harness the powerful features of this robust open-source CMS to create highly scalable, flexible, and secure WordPress Healthcare Solutions. Our team of experts comprises the best developers in the industry, with an impeccable skill-set and years of experience to their credit. We make sure that the solution we create for your healthcare organization enables it to create the highest standards of patient services and care.

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Why WordPress For Healthcare Solutions

WordPress has an extensive list of features that make it ideal for developing high-quality healthcare solutions

  • Flexibility

    As a flexible platform, WordPress is capable of bringing in new features for a healthcare system in a smooth and hassle-free manner. With this platform, you can avail frequent yet easy updates that ensure the latest innovations for the solution.

  • Extensibility

    The platform offers the benefit of extensibility as it can be easily integrated with any third-party APIs to add new features to the system. This enables the creation of unmatched user-experiences, with seamless integration with CRM, e-commerce solutions, mobile applications, social media, patient portals, and more.

  • Security

    Security is an extremely important issue for these solutions as they house crucial patient data and details. There is a need of a reliable platform that guarantees the safekeeping of the data. With WordPress CMS, there is absolute surety about the security of the confidential and private patient details.

  • Customization

    With thousands of powerful modules and extensions, the platform emerges as one with unmatched customization abilities. This facilitates the creation of healthcare solutions that have features as per the requirements of the organization.

  • Portability

    The platform boasts of extensive portability, which facilitates a seamless integration with other networks. The patient data and medical records can be shared with security and ease. This promises an exceptional user experience as the user can access information as well as share it with clinicians.

  • Efficiency

    With this open-source CMS, efficiency comes as an integral part of the package. The reason is that the platform has a huge community of developers dedicated to making improvements in it and empowering it with high security and flexibility.

Why Choose Us For WordPress Healthcare Solutions

At Cogknockers, we emerge as a reliable choice for creating websites that take your healthcare organization to the next level. We align the features of WordPress with your requirements and create solutions that are absolutely unmatched. We give you many reasons to choose us as your technology partner.

  • We are a user-centric agency that focuses on client requirements. When it comes to healthcare solutions, we make sure that each one we design delivers an excellent experience for the patients.
  • Our team has exceptionally skilled and talented developers who are adept at back-office systems. They establish seamless connectivity between the patients, practitioners, policyholder portals, and EHR platforms.
  • We blend the latest technology with creative insights to deliver solutions that match the vision of your organization. At the same time, we ensure that these solutions are scalable to match your growing needs in the future.
  • We cater end-to-end WordPress services at one destination. From website development to system architecture, performance optimization, migration, upgrade, third-party integration, customization, or more, you can avail of any service that you may require.
  • Our support team is available 24/7 and is dedicated to delivering extensive support so that your website runs smoothly. We understand the significance of having a healthcare site run in a glitch-free manner because the patients’ health is at stake..
  • We aim to create cost-effective solutions and deliver them on time so that you can give the best services to your patients.

Hire Dedicated WordPress Healthcare Developers to build an impactful development strategy at a reasonable price.

What's Included in Our Packages

Custom Design

All our websites are expertly designed by our inhouse team of healthcare website designers. Our collaborative design process considers our clients feedback at every stage to ensure complete satisfaction.

Optimized for Mobile

We strive to create an intuitive user experience across all device types. We undertake a mobile-first approach to the design of websites to ensure every medical website we develop works seamlessly on mobile and tablets.

SEO Optimized

Healthcare SEO best practices to ensure you get a headstart in the search engine rankings. We advise on valuable keywords for your business to place you in the best position to attract enquiries.

WordPress CMS

To provide a user-friendly platform for you to manage your website content. Our team of website developers will develop this popular CMS framework for your medical practice and teach your staff how to use it.

GDPR Compliant

Ensuring your website adheres to GDPR guidelines can seem daunting, but don’t worry we’ve got your back. All our medical websites meet GDPR web design standards and ensure your data is kept secure.


We help to make sure your website is inclusive to all types of users by ensuring adherence to the highest standards of website accessibility, catering to various disabilities and limitations.

Extended Services

Our WordPress Hosting Platform

Speed, Reliability, and Secure WordPress Hosting Environment.
We're an active part of the WordPress community, so you can be sure that we're well versed in everything WordPress.

Our platform is continuously optimized to ensure 99.9% uptime. We make sure that everything from our servers, features and tools to our expert WordPress support team is best aligned to ensure of the best WordPress hosting experience.

Website Maintenance Services

Are you looking for website maintenance services that will help you keep your website up to date? We offer professional and affordable website maintenance services to both new and current customers. Our monthly web maintenance plans offer extremely competitive prices for keeping your website running smoothly. To ensure that we are able to provide quality website maintenance services, we will need to review your website. The website review process will take approximately 24 to 48 U.S. Business Hours. Contact us today for a website review.

We have website maintenance services that are suitable for almost every website out there. However, should you feel that your website does not fall within the range of our website maintenance services. Please Contact Us and we will do our best to put together a website maintenance plan specifically designed for your website.

Virtual Webmaster

We go beyond web maintenance & manage your site for you.

Complete Website Management – It is like having an in-house team of designers & developers but at a fraction of the cost. You simply send a maintenance request with the changes required and we do the necessary alterations to the site for you. We take care of content updates, aesthetic changes, hosting related issues, DNS management, and everything that is related to your site. We take care of the maintenance part to free you up, so you can concentrate more on your business.

Want to find out How we can Help your Organization?

Speak with A project Manager

At Cogknockers you don’t get redirected to a salesperson.  You will speak directly with someone who knows how to answer your questions without the hassle of pricing, quotas and contracts getting in the way.  Our main focus at the beginning is to get a clear understanding of what you need and then, we’ll send out a detailed proposal.  We base our prices on the current rates and then knock 10% off the top.

No Sales Pressure | No Upselling


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