2.0.2 Protection Launch – San Francisco

A crucial protection problem has actually been given the focus of the WordPress group as well as we have actually functioned carefully to bring you a brand-new secure launch that resolves it. Our latest version 2.0.2 consists of a number of bugfixes as well as protection repairs.

The troubles resolved are unannounced XSS problems independently found as well as reported to the WordPress group. Many Thanks to Michael Boman, Mark Jaquith, Robert Deaton, as well as David Residence for aiding with this launch.

Simply a fast note: this is various than the snake-oil records that headed out on some protection provides a couple of days back. There were a pair, however they were either not real protection troubles, as well tiny to necessitate a launch, or simply patently incorrect. Bear in mind: even if you review it on a newsletter does not suggest that it holds true. We would certainly be the initial individuals to worry if there was a real trouble.

As constantly, when something major crosses our workdesks we get on it as well as obtain a well-tested launch out immediately.

Cogknockers is a San Francisco WordPress Development Agency with 20+ Years Experience.  WordPress Design is at the core of our services.

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